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Exclusive Partnership with Mr. Controversial

Exclusive Partnership with

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity at Waran’s Fine Art! Today, we officially launch our latest collaboration, Mr. Controversial.

At Waran’s Fine Art, our meticulously curated collection focuses on artists on the brink of becoming household names, and Mr. Controversial is no exception. His works have already begun to captivate a global audience and show significant appreciation in value.

Early in his artistic career, Mr. Controversial raised eyebrows and quickly gained recognition for his unique twist on vintage pulp imagery combined with humorous, relatable captions. More recently, he has been working on new typographical oil paintings that are equally bold, witty, and filled with truisms that resonate with many.

Mr. C’s New Collection: “It’s all just f*cking words”

Investing in emerging talents like Mr. Controversial offers a unique opportunity to be part of an artist’s journey to prominence. Every collection he has released since starting four years ago has sold out, cementing his status as one of the most sought-after red-chip artists in the contemporary art market.

Since his debut in early 2020, we have observed Mr. Controversial’s rapid growth. His unique style and storytelling ability have earned him a loyal following of collectors and fans, including established collectors and celebrities. Mr. Controversial’s work often goes viral due to its sharable nature, hitting the sweet spot between social media content and contemporary fine art. He refers to himself as ‘the antidote to boring and pretentious fine art,’ with his satirical commentary on modern life deeply resonating with viewers.

Mr. Controversial has been recognised as ‘One to Watch’ in the UK art scene. He recently held a private exhibition for Ferrari, exhibited alongside Banksy and Richard Hambleton in London, and had solo shows at the luxurious Old Sessions House and various private members’ clubs. His unique twist on vintage pulp imagery with witty captions and his new typographical oil paintings continue to attract excitement and buzz at every show.

Mr. Controversial has created an exclusive series available only at Waran’s Fine Art. Be part of this unique opportunity and enquire about a piece today.

A Sneak Preview of a Few Available Pieces…

Why Invest in Emerging Artists?

  • Greater Appreciation Potential: Emerging artists often have more room for growth compared to established artists. Investing early can lead to substantial increases in value as their careers develop and they gain recognition.
  • More Affordable Entry Point: Works by emerging artists are typically priced more accessibly than those by established artists, allowing you to build a diverse and valuable collection without the high upfront costs.
  • Discovery of Unique Talent: Investing in emerging artists provides the excitement of discovering new talent and supporting fresh, innovative perspectives. This can lead to owning groundbreaking pieces that push the boundaries of contemporary art.
  • Higher Market Demand: The market often shows an interest in new and emerging artists, driven by collectors and galleries who want to discover the next big name. This demand can drive up the value of your investment.
  • Diversified Portfolio: Investing in emerging artists can diversify your art portfolio. While established artists may provide stability, emerging artists can add dynamic growth potential, balancing your investment strategy.

We have limited pieces available in Mr. Controversial’s new collection and are prioritising clients on a first come first served basis.

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